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CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGER Purpose: The Project Manager is responsible for the planning, directing, coordinating and the budgeting of various projects…



The Project Manager is responsible for the planning, directing, coordinating and the budgeting of various projects and will manage, coach and mentor a team of Subcontractors, Material Vendors and Superintendents. The Project Manager will ensure the successful and profitable completion of assigned projects and maintain relationship with Clients that produce a loyalty to The Makar Company.


The Project Manger will demonstrate leadership, initiative and the ability to interpret and solve problems in an expeditious manner. The Project Manager will adhere to and promote the Company’s policies, standards, practices and philosophies and be responsible for activities that include but are not limited to the following:
• *Maintain positive image and attitude at all times.
• Maintain Customer satisfaction keeping the Customer loyal and being their go to contractor.
• Maintain Quality Control/Quality Assurance.
• Punch-out jobs before Customer to ensure no or minimal Punch List.
• Expedite and bring quick resolution to punch list to maintain Customer loyalty.
• Ensure labor and purchasing efficiencies that maintain a competitive edge in the industry.
• Ensure collaboration and communication with Subcontractors and Superintendents.
• Lead, direct and coordinate work activities of others.
• Oversee and monitor project activities to assure projects are accurately and efficiently completed within prescribed schedules and budgets.
• Responsible for “state of the art” communication and documentation.
• Responsible for all notifications and required documentations to all overseeing authorities in an expeditious manner.
• Keep abreast of technological developments.
• Prepare job schedule conforming to Budgets and Customer requirements. Schedule to be updated to current status at a minimum weekly.
• Create the Job Cost Budget in the Timberline Software for the Director’s approval before starting work.
• Prepare Subcontract agreements and purchase agreements for Makar President or Vice-President’s approval and signature before starting the assigned work.
• Prepare any Change Orders to the project for The Makar Company President or Vice-President’s signature and approval before starting the assigned work.
• Prepare weekly financial status reports with special notes explaining any deviations.
• Prepare and update current submittal and change order logs at a minimum weekly.
• Responsible to ensure The Makar Company Safety Regulations are being followed by all personnel, vendors and subcontractors.
• Conduct regular scheduled project status meetings.
• Proactively manage changes in project scope, identify potential issues and devise contingency plans.
• Responsible to be a good Steward over the finances of the project, showing creativity in changing financial challenges to financial successes.
• Project Manager is responsible for quick approval of Vendor and Subcontractor Invoices maintaining an accurate work in progress status.
• Responsible for invoicing the Customer accurately and tracking for payment to ensure and maintain a positive cash flow for the project.
• Manage and collect all documents needed for Closeout Package. Submit to Business Development immediately upon Project completion.
• Responsible to control all Equipment/Service Suppliers list.
• Maintain General Conditions Cost.
o It is the Project Mangers responsibility to track and maintain General Condition costs for their projects.
o General Condition Costs not managed correctly will have a negative affect on our Customer. The best management of General Condition Costs is to manage the Customer to help them prevent Customer delays.

‘KRA’s’ Key Result Area*

  1. Overall client satisfaction.
  2. Completing projects ON TIME.
  3. Achieving and maintaining profit margins to meet Company goals.  Keeping job costing up-dated daily.
  4. Maintaining a positive cash flow for Makar and Subcontractors.
  5. Develop and maintain all correspondence, reports, contracts PO’s and commitments accurately and timely.